Welcome to the Fayetteville Area Plant Managers Association!

The Fayetteville Area Plant Managers Association (PMA) is Cumberland County’s network of plant managers, providing a forum for subjects of common interest, such as education, community involvement, economic development, utility costs, healthcare, and taxes.


The PMA conducts projects and programs that serve the manufacturing community’s interests. It encourages a positive employee relationship among all industries and helps to inform local citizens about the area’s manufacturing operations. The PMA also assists local public schools in fostering a better understanding of manufacturing through programs such as:

    • Workforce development
    • Partnership with middle schools
    • Fayetteville Regional Science Olympiad


If your company operates a manufacturing or distribution facility in a Cumberland County industrial setting and adds value to the product it sells or distributes via interstate commerce, you are eligible for membership.


For more information, contact:

Cathy Johnson
Existing Industry Manager
Email: cathy@fayedc.com