Generous incentives to get you up to speed more quickly.

When we say that Fayetteville and Cumberland County are business-friendly, that’s not an empty claim. Our local leaders recognize that a healthier business community is a critical element in providing the best possible quality of life for local residents. Doing that improves the number and quality of local jobs, and strengthens and diversifies the area’s overall tax base. That’s why we’ve developed a variety of incentives to encourage companies to locate and expand here, in addition to our area’s other advantages, such as the low cost of land and labor. Together, all of these incentives and advantages help you lower operating costs and boost profits.


You’re never going to find a group of people more anxious to help make your project happen. From packaging and coordinating land, incentives, and permits to helping you find a home, schools, and all of the details, we’re at your service. In addition, we can help your company access North Carolina’s many generous incentive programs, including special incentives for hiring veterans, companies in national defense, and for developing LEED-certified buildings.