The perfect fit for several key industries

The Fayetteville, NC and Cumberland County area, following a 2012 report by Garner Economics, welcomes nearly all types of industries. Our region’s assets and resources make us an ideal match for companies in critical defense contract support, innovative manufacturing, food processing, logistics, and business and financial services. When you consider the skills of our highly educated, enthusiastic workforce, the variety of outstanding sites and buildings, the capacity of our utility partners, and all the economic benefits of doing business in North Carolina (incentive programs, right-to-work, etc.), we perfectly meet the needs of these target industries.


Another key advantage is the cooperative, business-friendly attitude you’ll find in local government and in the business community itself. For example, there’s the Fayetteville Area Plant Managers Association (PMA), a forum giving local plant managers the opportunity to work together on subjects of common interest. If you do business in one of these key industries, see what the Fayetteville, NC and Cumberland County area has to offer.